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Announcing Selenium 3.0-beta1

At SeleniumConf in 2013, we announced that a new major version of Selenium would be released “by Christmas”. Fortunately, we never said which Christmas, as it has taken us a while to ma…

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Test Cases for wp-sliders.

Slider Testing.

Following are the test cases to be considered while testing slider.

  • Ensure the design of the slider on all browsers (browser compatibility).
  • Ensure the smoothness and automatic loading of the slides.
  • Ensure that the slider are getting loaded (manually) when the user clicks the right arrow on the slides.
  • Ensure the order of the slider images.
  • Ensure whether the slides can be clicked and thumbnail is getting displayed on mouse overing.
  • Ensure whether five buttons (the number is as per the requirement) corresponding to each slideshow image is displayed below the slideshow (to the right).
  • Ensure whether on clicking each button, the corresponding slideshow image is displayed.
  • Ensure whether each button below the slideshow is highlighted when the corresponding image is loaded.
  • Ensure whether the time interval of slideshow is same for all the images.
  • Ensure whether on clicking each image of the slideshow, the corresponding page is displayed.
  • Ensure whether administrator (or role who has permission to configure/manage the display of slideshow) is able to change the image and the url of the slides.
  • Ensure corresponding image should not get crop.
  • If Slider is containing a thumbnails of slides check clicked image only open and should get focus.
  • Ensure slider image and title are displayed same which required.
  • Ensure slider width and height.